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The lead volunteer group in Mississippi for Urban and Community forestry. Read the latest newsletter, view council programs, and join up to make a difference!

Mississippi Urban Forest Council
A nonprofit organization aimed at promoting quality urban and community forestry in Mississippi

Mississippi Urban Forest Council’s organizational brochure explains goals, benefits, activities, and how to join.

Why are trees are essential to quality community development?
View a
fact sheet based on dramatic statistics.

Green Communities Newsletter provides the latest news on urban and community forestry. View the latest edition

Make a difference, join today. There are many benefits from joining including supporting educational and outreach programs, receiving the newsletter by mail, and influencing the direction of urban and community forestry both statewide and at the local level. Your membership supports many programs and will contribute to making a difference.
Now all new members receive an urban and community forestry tool kit!!

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For more information contact:
The Mississippi Urban Forest Council, Donna Yowell, Executive Director, 601 856-1660 or 601-672-0755
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