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Scenic Communities

To download a complete listing of resources click on the guide (11.4MB) or click here.



Mississippi Forestry Commission

The Mississippi Forestry Commission is proud of its service to the public and its protection of the stateís valuable forest resource. Committed to delivering quality services and assistance to both rural and urban landowners, the Forestry Commission looks forward to the continued privilege of caring for Mississippiís trees and forests. Serving Mississippi Since 1926.



MS State Extension Service

The Mississippi State University Extension Service provides research-based information, educational programs, and technology transfer focused on issues and needs of the people of Mississippi, enabling them to make informed decisions about their economic, social, and cultural well-being.



Alliance of Community Trees

ACT is the only national organization solely focused on the needs of those engaged in urban forestry. Our work is improving the environment where 80% of Americans live and work: our cities, towns, and villages.



National Arbor Day Foundation

As trees grow, they help stop global warming by removing carbon dioxide, storing carbon, and releasing oxygen.




TreeLink provides the knowledge and local TreeBanks offer a proactive way for anyone to act on their green intentions and support local community trees. Dollar for dollar, there is no better investment in the local environment.


Urban Forestry South

An interactive tool has been developed at Urban Forestry South to guide communities through a planning process that will create a simple, customized management plan for their urban fores.



Urban Forestry News - Spring 2011 click here



MUFC will assist cities, counties and other organizations write these proposals. Contact Donna Yowell, executive director at or 601-672-0755 or

164 Trace Cove Drive, Madison, Mississippi 39110

1. The National Arbor Day Foundation has a complete (I mean complete) storm damage PR package at :

2. This web site gives some good basic advice and then directs to a link at the bottom for more particulars on caring for storm damaged trees:

3. Following is a link to the Mid-America Regional Council (Kansas City
area) website where there are links to 2 pdf files that will be of interest. The first, Tree Information Guide is a series of 7 one page bulletins, designed for city staffs and officials - probably exactly what you want, except you will need to modify tree species, etc. for Mississippi. The other is a tree policy guide for cities. A coalition put these together after a bad ice storm here in KC. They have been very useful:

4. The Right Tree Right Place website, ,also put together at the same time, is also still active. This was designed for homeowners, also in the KC area, but much of the information will apply anywhere. This is best used by just giving out the website address (once some people are back on line). It helped a lot with those homeowner calls about 'what should I plant' and 'should this tree be removed'. This site does link to the NADF storm recovery information too.

5. Booklet "Storms over the Urban Forest is available from the Mississippi Urban Forest Council free by request or web site:

6. Scenic Communities Resource Guide and Toolkits lists statewide organizations and agencies offering technical and financial assistance on a variety of natural resource issues. Look under Scenic Communities of Mississippi on this web site.

7. USDA Forest Service's comprehensive on-line resource for urban forestry Information in the southern region, including tree ordinances, manual and other ...

8. Economics - Costs or values of trees within the urban forest. ... Management of the total aggregation of trees found in a given community. ...
Department of Forestry/MSU Extension Disaster Tax Deductions

Trees And The Storm - Katrina 2005

Treelink Weather Resources
Storms over the Urban Forest
Urban Forestry South (Trees and Storm Damage)

Alabama Cooperative Ext. System (Safer Trees Guide)

"If Trees Could Talk" Along the MS Gulf Coast

For additional technical or financial assistance in recovery and replanting projects please contact the Mississippi Urban Forest Council, Donna Yowell at 601-672-0755 or or the Mississippi Forestry Commission at 601-359-1386.