Community Revitalization with Trees


Community Revitalization with Trees

These model projects are good examples of how to revitalize a town, neighborhood or any community area with green infrastructure. These plans are very unique to the town and rare models of green infrastructure planning. This program provides training, educational material, technical tools and other resources to assist rural communities in revitalizing or enhancing local areas with community forestry. Through this project we worked with six (6) communities to establish local green projects to serve as a model for use by all communities. Training on Can-Vis (a virtual makeover program), i-Tree (places environmental and social services values on trees), MS Urban Forest Management Manual (a guide to develop a local comprehensive plan) plus where to find grants and other resources is provided as well as assisting citizens in developing a comprehensive urban forestry plan, sample planting project and a “green” strategy in each community.   These model projects demonstrate how to implement a local sustainable community forestry program.  The overall objectives of the project are to provide the tools needed for local citizens to enhance their community’s environment, community character, economic opportunities and quality of life.  

Mississippi  Urban Forest Council Sustainable Practices- Download the entire PDF (238 KB) click here.

If the governing body of a small community is to be sustainable, it must increase its tax base by providing job opportunities to its citizens living within its corporate limits. Sustainable practices can provide the framework to create opportunities for growth in the job market, increased tourism, and provide for a safe and healthy environment.

Manufactured goods and services flowing into a community and cash flowing out weakens a community, leading to poverty and a decay of environmental services. Cycling goods and services within a community keeps the cash flow within the community’s economy giving citizens control of their own destiny, and lessening the effects of outside economic fluctuations.

Mound Bayou Model Project : Greening the Jewel of the Delta - The City of Mound Bayou, MS was the first community to participate in the program in 2010.  This document will provide you with a complete plan and includes details related to ‘green planning’ for the entire city.  Resources to assist you are listed below and throughout or web site.

The Mississippi Urban Forest council offers your city the opportunity to create a green infrastructure plan to  revitalize your community. For more information contact Donna Yowell at (601) 672-0755.  

You will find many features of this model project easy to replicate in your community. 

7 Model Projects for Community Revitalization with Trees:


  A Green Plan for the City of Aberdeen, MS

  Download the entire PDF (4.4MB) click here.




    A Green Plan for the Alcorn State University, MS

    Download the entire PDF (3.4MB) click here.




 A Green Plan for the City of Columbus, MS

 Download the entire PDF (4MB) click here.

 A Green Plan for the City of Pass Christian, MS

Download the entire PDF (4MB) click here.

 A Green Plan for the Town of Terry, MS

Download the entire PDF (5.1MB) click here.

 A Green Plan for the City of Waveland, MS

Download the entire PDF (3.5MB) click here.


Jewel of the Delta Green Revitalization

Mound Bayou Green Infrastructure Plan - Download the entire PDF (21MB) click here.


The basic elements of the project include:

  • Local Training Workshops
  • Local Team Building
  • Green Campaign Development
  • Virtual Makeovers of Selected Areas


  • Determining the Community Forestry Values and Benefits
  • Local Tree Planting 
  • Comprehensive Urban Forestry Plan
  • Model Community Forestry Policy

 Resources for Green Infrastructure and Revitalization:

 CanVis Virtual Makeover Program -

Mississippi Urban and Community Forestry Management Manual

i-Tree Inventory Program -