Scenic Communities of Mississippi


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What is a Scenic Community?

A Scenic Community is one that strives to manage land, water, landscapes and other natural resources in sustainable and attractive methods and includes the use of 'Best Management Practices' and policies.

Scenic Communities of Mississippi is a two part program.

PART ONE: The primary focus of the Scenic Communities of Mississippi program is to provide valuable resource information to Community Leaders and Citizens in Mississippi. This “Resource Guide” serves as a clearinghouse of information that can assist with a wide range of subjects including conservation, green infrastructure, sustainable practices, air and water pollution. It includes over (21) subject categories related to the natural environment and the management of natural resources. Over (295) agencies and/or programs are currently listed.

The guide will be helpful for community development and individual citizens. Groups such as homeowner associations, civic clubs, home and business sites, military bases, parks and backyards are eligible for these programs. We hope you find this document informative and helpful in your pursuit to learn more about the environment while enjoying the many resources available in our state.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter includes additional resources for coastal citizens. This is part of "ENVIRONMENTAL HARMONY- EDUCATE AND PARTICIPATE' campaign on the coast to provide more environmental education to more coastal citizens.

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PART TWO:  The second part of the project is an awards and community scoring element.  Your community can complete the score card include in the resource guide on page 60-62.  This score card will then be used to award communities as a Scenic Community of Mississippi and provide recognition to the communities selected as a Scenic Community of Mississippi.  You may download your community score card here as well. 

Return the score card to

MUFC at or mail to:

Mississippi Urban Forest Council,
164 Trace Cove Drive,
Madison, MS 39110.

Submission Deadline for Score card each year is September 15. 

Communities are welcome to complete the Score Card to qualify for Scenic Communities of Mississippi. You will find the score card and direction of entering your community here. Download your Score Card today! PDF  click here. PDF  Please see our sample below.


The Scenic Communities of Mississippi program is sponsored in part by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and focuses on clean water. Learn more about air, land, and water quality. Visit MDEQ web site at

Scenic Community of Mississippi Score Card

Contact Person: ________________________
Contact Phone/ Email :___________________

Directions: Determine how many of each type
of program(s) that has been implemented and
check the corresponding circle.


Total the points. Submit along with a photo from each
category and a paragraph describing each program

Tier II


1 2 3 or more

Conservation &

Land Management




Litter Prevention/

Tier I


Programs 1 2 or more

Water Quality

Crime Prevention


Tier I Total: _______


Tier II Total: _______

Tier III

Tier III Total: _______

Programs 1 2 3 4 or more

Total (all Three): _______

Nature Areas